Mill Houses, Sant Joan de les Abadesses, 1993

Floor area
584,14 m2
Project start
The project proposal is a housing typology between party walls in a plot much larger than terraced housing has traditionally been. La plana del Molí (the Mill Plain) is a northeast-oriented place with great views and very close to the historic center of the town.
The ''Llances'' Mountain in the back of the site (the south-west face) limitates the sunshine hours, specially in winter. The wideness of the plot allows the introduction of an indoor courtyard and the possibility of using only a part of the flat foor, this way all the daylight hours are enjoyed.
This Courtyard is covered by a motorized mobile skylight that can be opened or closed depending on the weather conditions, regulating the climate of the indoor space of the house.
Taking advantatge of the slope between the access street and the back of the plot a lower community passage is made, this way all the parking places will be in a single floor.

Premis COAC Girona. 1990-2000
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