Train Store, Ribes de Freser, 2010

Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya
Floor area
1.300 m²
Miquel Grifell Suárez, Arq. Tècnic
1.310.000 €
Project start
Albert Camps Pla
In the eastern Pyrenees, we find the town of Ribes de Freser. There is a train station, two train lines. The first line, connecting Barcelona with France, the second line links Ribes de Freser town with Vall de Núria, Sanctuary / Resort at 2000 metres altitude you can only reach via train or by walking.

The train Storehouse project is promoted by Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya with the aim of covering the entire platform of the station. The covering should protect the trains alter hours and improve the climatic comfort of the platform of the railrack train, until now with no protection at all.

The building is thought as big and diaphanous container, big enough to shelter the trains and keep them away from vandalism, tight enough to reduce the visual impact on the surroundings. Rural landscape, dense and season-changing vegetation, the building is always integrated.

A three dimentional metal structure componed by small section profiles. Added to this structure, stainless steel panels and green transucent polycarbonate. Finally, a north-south serrated deck, designed to be a big photoelectric energy collector.

These translucent and reflecting elements make the integration of the building to the nature more efficient, getting this always changing nature of the surroundings on the volume facade. Letting the natural Light enter to the platform space is the other objective of these materials.

The building process, focused on the use of drywall construction and prefabricated elements has been thought so that the laying of the reform of the station does not affect the regular Schedule of the trains at any time.

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